Google Play services comes preinstalled on Rumie Tablets and is used to ensure the applications on your tablet are always up to date. 

When an update for Google Play services is required, you will be prompted with a notification. 

Our team has seen this notification persist even with the most recent version installed on our tablets. This can happen when the tablets are used in an environment with intermittent Internet connection. While we try our best to ensure you will never see these notifications, sometimes they do occur. Thankfully, it's very easy to block these notifications by yourself! 😀

To block the Google Play Services notification on your Rumie Tablet: 

  1. Sign into your Rumie Tablet as an Admin user
  2. Navigate into tablet Settings by clicking on the wheel as seen in the image below

    3. Click "Notifications" -> "Google Play services" 

     4. Toggle on "Block all" to never show notifications from Google Play services 

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